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The WE STRONG® Community

is an online community where you the consumer can chat in our forums and recommend supplement products you believe should have the STRONGSCIENCE® Certification Mark.

STRONGSCIENCE® certifies that the product claims have been reviewed and substantiated scientifically and medically by an independent third party, our team of experts.

STRONGSCIENCE® Certification Marks

Efficacy & Safety Seal: for use with products that make health claims of efficacy and safety.  This seal of approval contains the most extensively researched product formulas and claims by an independent third party.

Scientifically Reviewed Mark:

Certifies that we scientifically reviewed the ingredient(s) to see that the recommended dose ranges are in alignment with current ingredient monograph or GRAS details.

Efficacy & Safety Mark:

Certifies that we have scientifically reviewed the entire formula and ingredients for the claims they make for “Efficacy & Safety”.

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How You Can Use Our Certification Mark

The STRONGSCIENCE® certification mark is integrated into a label or product packaging verifying the claims for efficacy and/or safety.

STRONGSCIENCE® is the newest and most innovative certification mark for the growing dietary supplement industry and beyond.

  • Certification Mark
  • Unique ID Number
  • QR Code

STRONGSCIENCE® is the premier global certification seal that certifies products claims of efficacy and/or safety.

  • Look For Certification Mark

  • Scan QR Code

  • Review Science-Backed Research

Products We Scientifically Review & Certify Include…


Certified Products

Products that are certified by STRONGSCIENCE are provided the premier certification mark number, unique ID, and QR code. Consumers can scan the QR code to view research completed by STRONGSCIENCE.

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We are a brand new online community for you the consumer, therefore the first 100 members to make a post will receive a FREE t-shirt.

When you see the STRONGSCIENCE® seal. You will know that extensive research has been performed on formulas and claims.


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